Comparing State Farm and Travelers Auto Insurance

Compare State Farm vs Travelers auto insurance quotes & coverage options - including discounts & ratings from trusted agencies - plus learn how age & credit score affect rates.

Comparing State Farm and Travelers Auto Insurance

Are you trying to decide between State Farm and Travelers for your auto insurance? Both companies offer their standard types of coverage, including auto, home, renters, condo, boat, motorcycle and business insurance. State Farm offers life insurance coverage, but Travelers doesn't, it only offers term life insurance through a subsidiary. It's important to compare the quotes of the main companies and save. Leslie Kasperowicz has a degree in Social Sciences from the University of Winnipeg.

He spent several years as a CSR for Farmers Insurance, acquiring a solid knowledge of insurance products, including home, life, auto and commercial insurance products, and worked directly with insurance customers to understand their needs. Since then, she has used that knowledge in her more than ten years as a writer, mainly in the insurance industry. Our partnerships with the insurance industry have no influence on our content. To compare quotes from different insurance companies, enter your zip code on this page to use the free quote tool.

The more quotes you compare, the more chances of saving. The car insurance guide for travelers explains everything you need to know about comparing car insurance rates, coverage options, discounts and third-party reviews. Combining your policies with the same company can result in more savings. We also compare discounts and ratings from trusted agencies that rate the best auto insurance companies.

This can help more drivers find an appropriate insurer to help them protect themselves and their vehicles, without breaking the bank. You can now review different insurance policies and options from the comfort of your home. Enter your zip code to start comparing affordable car insurance companies in your area. Generally speaking, the older we get, the more driving experience we have. That's why auto insurance companies use age as one of the most influential factors in determining their insurance rate.

It's legal to base car insurance rates on marital status and gender in most states; however, some have banned this practice. Auto insurance rates for travelers by age, gender and marital status. Auto insurance rates for travelers are only 5% cheaper than State Farm car insurance rates for drivers age 25 and older. However, Travelers is 66% more expensive than State Farm for teen drivers. Speeding tickets, accidents, or drunk driving on your driving record will increase your car insurance rates no matter which company you choose, as these violations increase your insurance risk. Any car insurance company will look at what makes a driver high-risk, meaning that if you don't have a clean driving record, you could end up paying more for coverage.

In general, State Farm has cheaper car insurance rates than Travelers for drivers with any type of driving history. However, Travelers is much more punitive with customers who receive a speeding ticket, cause an accident, or are subject to a DUI. If you have a clean driving record with State Farm, your rates won't increase as much as with Travelers. Your State Farm car insurance rates will only increase 13% to 29% for a traffic violation. In situations like these, it's best to consider taking a defensive driving course. There are many ways to practice safe driving habits and to make your record cleaner.

That way, you can start keeping your insurance costs low no matter what company you choose. Your good credit score may decline in a matter of months if you experience any type of financial trauma, such as incurring medical debt or going through a divorce. In most states, it's legal for auto insurance companies to base rates on your credit score; however, some prohibit this practice and base rates on gender and marital status. Auto insurance companies justify the use of their credit score based on the assumption that those with higher credit scores are more responsible and safer drivers, and are less likely to file a claim. Let's see how State Farm and Travelers set rates for drivers with different credit scores. State Farm car insurance rates are cheaper than Travelers rates if you have bad credit. If your credit rating drops while you're at State Farm, expect to pay more than twice as much as drivers with good credit. On the other hand, car insurance rates for travelers will increase by only 27%.

Before judging the rates of these two companies based solely on their credit score, read up on your state's auto insurance laws and examine the rates of several companies. However, car insurance discounts for travelers are not that high. The best State Farm discounts range from 30 to 50%. These include discounts for low mileage, driving a new vehicle, having airbags, and using the company's driving app or device. The best discounts for travelers range from 23% to 30%. Both State Farm and Travelers offer the same amount of discount for no claims (15%) and for safe driving (23%).

Compared to State Farm's 50% discount for using your driving app or driving device, Travelers only offers a 30% discount. The discounts offered by State Farm compared to Auto insurance companies for travelers usually focus on specific types of drivers, so if you call to get your quotes from Travelers and State Farm be sure to ask if there are additional discounts. You should also ask about the possibility of bundling your policies together to save even more. Look into Traveler and Renter Insurance or State Farm vs Home Insurance for travelers and see if any of these policies can meet your needs. Since State Farm and Travelers are two of the 10 companies that account for the largest share of the industry's market share they have the means to offer a wider variety of auto insurance coverages that go beyond the six standard coverages listed below. Be sure to carefully review special coverages such as rent reimbursement roadside assistance guaranteed auto protection (GAP) mechanical breakdowns and insurance for recreational vehicles such as off-road vehicles or boats. Large auto insurance companies also offer a more general application that allows you to compare multiple policies at once so you can find one that fits both your budget and coverage needs.

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