The Best Places to Visit in Italy in October

October is one of the best months to visit Italy! From skiing in The Italian Alps to exploring Venice & Tuscany - discover all that Italy has to offer this fall!

The Best Places to Visit in Italy in October

October is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Italy, and with the COVID-19 outbreak, cities have suddenly gone out of style. But that's precisely why it's the perfect time to explore the country. From the Italian Alps to the Ligurian coast, there are plenty of places to visit in October. Piedmont is home to the slow food movement, so there are plenty of other Piedmontese delicacies to enjoy while you're there, such as pasta with eggs and full-bodied Barolo wines, perfect dining options for the cooler weather that fall brings.

The Italian Alps, also known as the Dolomites, are located in the northern Trentino-Tyrol region of Southern Italy. The area is known for skiing, and you may be able to do so in late November, when some of the ski lifts are open during the season. Seeing these famous mountains wrapped in autumnal colors is as impressive as seeing them covered in snow. Tuscany is a great place to visit during fall.

The temperatures are pleasant and it's harvest season: think mushrooms, chestnuts, olives and, of course, wine. Many villages have local sagras (festivals where any local food or drink that has been harvested or cultivated is celebrated) and it's generally a great time for long walks, car trips, or long, leisurely meals. Venice suffers a significant drop in tourism during the autumn months, making it a much more relaxing place to explore the city of canals. But the Veneto region offers much more than Venice.

A road trip along Prosecco Road, a 20-mile stretch of rolling vineyards between the cities of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, is truly idyllic when the coldest season arrives. Along with May and September, October is one of the best months to visit Italy. After the summer heat (which lasts until September), the entire peninsula receives a dose of mild weather and occasional rains. Cities and towns organize autumnal festivals (sagre), informal meetings full of delicious food and drink.

Collodi is one of the best places to consider. While its better-known neighbors are often overlooked, there are fewer tourists compared to them but plenty of delights to explore. It also houses Pinocchio Park, where it is said that Carlo Collodi, the author of Pinocchio himself, devised his story with sculptures of his creations such as the giant whale that swallowed the boy. Polignano a Mare is one of the most attractive cities in the Puglia region located on the “heel of the boot” as they say.

It's a popular beach destination full of tourists in high season who enjoy its golden sand and turquoise sea but in fall visitors can enjoy its beauty without masses. Fall and especially October is Italy's peak food and wine season and Piedmont is one of the best places to enjoy it. The sapphire-colored waters of Lake Como cover more than 90 square miles surrounded by emerald forests and large estates with beautifully manicured gardens while its peaks are bathed in autumnal tones. As a gateway to the Dolomites Bolzano is a great base with evocative streets and squares as well as trails and cable cars that offer panoramic views of its rugged peaks. Summer in Sicily is stifling but in autumn its pleasant climate makes it much more pleasant to take advantage of everything this region has to offer including its sea with water still warm enough for swimming. Sicily is also famous for its cuisine with dishes inspired by many different cultures as it has had a variety of rules including Spanish and Arab ones. The five magical towns on Ligurian coast are everyone's favorites but overcrowding can spoil your mood so it's best to visit this place in October to enjoy its beauty without masses. If you're looking for a mountain getaway then Italy's Alps are unbeatable with incredible peaks bathed in autumnal tones while Bolzano serves as a great base for exploring them. Therefore if you visit Italy in October you will have an incredible opportunity to ski in its Alps while enjoying its delicious cuisine and warm climate.

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