Types of Tourism: Exploring the Different Types of Tourists

From Inbound & Outbound Tourists To Ethical & Extreme Tourists - Explore Different Types Of Tourists & The Various Types Of Tourism They Engage In.

Types of Tourism: Exploring the Different Types of Tourists

Tourism is a broad term that encompasses many different types of travelers. From inbound and outbound tourists to ethical and extreme tourists, there are a variety of different types of tourists that visit different destinations around the world. In this article, we will explore the different types of tourists and the various types of tourism they engage in. Inbound tourism refers to the activities of a visitor from outside the country of residence.

For example, when a traveler of Indian descent travels to Japan, it is considered inbound tourism to Japan because foreigners travel there. Outbound tourism, on the other hand, refers to the activities of a visitor residing outside their country of residence. For example, when a tourist from India visits Japan, Japan experiences inbound tourism, while India experiences outbound tourism. Ethical tourism is closely aligned with the concepts of sustainable tourism and responsible tourism.

It involves tourism that benefits the people and environment involved. Many tourists are now seeking advice on how they can be ethical tourists and implement them in their travel decisions and behaviors. Adventure tourism is one of the most exciting types of tourism. It involves traveling to dangerous places such as mountains, jungles, deserts, caves, canyons, etc., and usually requires specialized skills or physical effort.

Adventure tourists can practice climbing, skydiving, rafting, mountaineering, ziplining and paragliding, to name just a few examples. Extreme tourism or shock tourism also involves traveling to dangerous places but with the main attraction being the adrenaline rush caused by risk. Some extreme tourist attractions in the world are the death cage in Australia, cliff jumps in Norway, the boat ride through Iguazu in Brazil, the hikes on the edge of the CN tower in Toronto, volcanic bungee in Chile, zorbing in New Zealand and hiking El Caminito del Rey in Spain. Mid-town tourists are somewhere in between: these types of tourists like adventure but also like some of the comforts of home. They want a family meal, they want to be able to communicate in a familiar language, and they want to stay in types of accommodation they are familiar with. Agritourism is another type of tourism that involves visiting rural areas for educational or recreational purposes.

There are three main types of agritourism: direct market agrotourism, experience and education agrotourism and event and recreational agrotourism. Cohen's typology was one of the first important typologies developed in the travel and tourism industry. It grouped tourists into four categories: explorers who seek new experiences; settlers who seek familiarity; adventurers who seek thrills; and exploiters who seek drugs or other illegal activities. Urban tourism involves traveling to and around non-rural destinations. Business tourism is one of the largest types of tourism in existence and involves traveling for business purposes.

Self-guided tours are also popular among tourists who prefer to explore on their own terms. These include walking tours, bike tours and cross-country skiing. Finally, Tolkien tourism is a type of tourism where fans of the Lord of the Rings universe travel to film sites, especially in New Zealand. Educational tourism is another type that involves traveling to a foreign country for educational purposes. No matter what type of tourist you are or what type of destination you visit, it's important to be aware of your impact on both people and environment alike. Responsible travel practices can help ensure that your travels have a positive impact on both locals and nature.

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