Which Tour Package Company is the Best Choice for Your Next Trip?

Are you looking for a tour package company for your next adventure? From Trafalgar & G Adventures to Intrepid Travel & Classic Journeys - explore some of the best tour package companies & what makes them stand out.

Which Tour Package Company is the Best Choice for Your Next Trip?

Are you looking for the perfect tour package company to take you on your next adventure? With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. From Trafalgar and G Adventures to Intrepid Travel and Classic Journeys, there are a variety of tour companies that offer unique experiences for travelers of all ages and interests. In this article, we'll explore the best tour package companies and what makes them stand out from the rest. Trafalgar has been taking guided tours to destinations around the world since 1947. They offer trips to almost every corner of the planet, except Antarctica. Their tours are mostly terrestrial and are offered year-round, including to popular destinations such as New Zealand and Africa.

The number of guests on tours varies by destination, with Africa being the smallest with a maximum of 20 guests, and tours to the United States and Canada being the largest with up to 52 guests. G Adventures is best known for its cheaper group trips that cover the whole world, from Croatia to Tanzania. They focus on small group trips, usually between 10 and 15 participants. Eco-conscious travelers will want to consider a group vacation with Intrepid Travel, which is known for its active stance on climate action and sustainable travel. Intrepid offers family-friendly tours, as well as more strenuous walking and cycling tours.

Since 1989, Intrepid has been hiking in small groups of about 10 people around the world, from Bali to Antarctica. Classic Journeys is one of the most awarded travel companies in the world, offering 300 trips on seven continents. They stand out for their in-depth knowledge of destinations and guides who go beyond. A reader who has been traveling for more than five decades said that a trip with Classic Journeys was the best thing they had ever experienced. Others highlighted the attention paid to safety details related to the pandemic, while one who went to Norway was delighted with a wonderful surprise dinner in Bergen, on the water. Two women-only tour operators that cater to travelers of all ages are also worth considering: AdventureWomen and Wild Women Expeditions.

AdventureWomen offers trips to Everest Base Camp that are full of like-minded women who bond together very well, while Wild Women Expeditions offers trips from St. Louis to complete itineraries in Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. Odysseys Unlimited maintains a group size of 24 people or less for a more intimate travel experience. These small-group trips depart to destinations around the world and focus on distinctive accommodations, extensive sightseeing and tips included, and daily breakfast. Contiki offers more than 350 trips on six continents. These global trips include unique travel experiences that would be difficult to live independently, as well as local guides with privileged access to the destinations where they live and work.

There's a trip for every style, from adventure and wellness trips to beach vacations and train trips. Globus eliminates the hassle of planning a vacation by taking care of all the details: centrally located hotels, local experts with insider information and VIP access to the main attractions. Each group trip itinerary includes enough free time to allow for individual exploration. Intrepid offers more than 1000 trips in 100 countries around the world every year, each one designed with “small groups, big adventures and responsible travel” in mind. Travel leaders are born and raised in the country, ensuring that they know the destination better than anyone else. Collette has been in the tourism industry since 1918, with a focus on small group travel and family trips. Travelers with a more active lifestyle who want to take a group tour will want to visit Backroads, where walking and cycling tours are the main attraction. The luxury group tour operator Classic Journeys (founded in 1999) offers tours to destinations around the world that are eco-friendly, adaptable to all styles of travel, affordable, and use transportation and local guides.

CostSaver tours include three- and four-star hotels, luxury transportation, several meals included and an available guide. Another popular group travel option for travelers over 50 years old is Grand Circle Travel, which has been in operation since 1958. Most travel companies include the demographics of their guests on their “About Us” page so you can see who is participating in it. Tauck operates group land trips on all seven continents (as well as river tours in Europe and small boat tours around the world). They are aimed at families, couples and individuals traveling alone.

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