Which is the Best Travel Website in India?

Planning your next trip? Check out these 10 best travel websites in India - MakeMyTrip | Paytm | Cleartrip | Expedia | Oyo Rooms | EaseMyTrip | Goibibo | Yatra | Akbar Travels | Thomas Cook

Which is the Best Travel Website in India?

Traveling to new places can be a great way to relax, refresh and revitalize our minds and bodies. However, the hassle of standing in long lines at airports and waiting for hours to rent a car can be daunting. Fortunately, online travel websites and apps have recently gained popularity to simplify this process and provide you with the best possible travel experience. In India, there are several travel websites that offer great deals on flights, hotels, tour packages, and more.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best travel websites in India that can help you plan your next trip. MakeMyTrip is one of the first online travel agencies in India and is the biggest player in India's top 10 travel websites. It offers a variety of facilities including secure payment options, secure ways to make online payments, easy-to-comply compensations, and simple cancellation policies. MakeMyTrip helps us with our travel plans and offers several services such as flight deals, hotel deals, vacation packages, train tickets, taxis, buses, instant discounts, rate schedule, MyRewards program, MyWallet and much more.

Paytm has gone from being just an online wallet to offering us a lot of options and making our trip hassle-free. It offers us a large number of offers, promotional codes and promotions on both domestic and international flights. In addition to flights, you can also book bus tickets and hotels through the Paytm app or website. To make train reservations easier for us, they have also partnered with the IRCTC to help us book train tickets.

They offer great deals and rebates, reducing the effective price. Cleartrip is one of my best travel sites listed in India due to its unique USP which charges no convenience fees and provides customers with transparency about the price. They have 28 branches in India and some branches in Thailand and Singapore. This travel company has a B2B network that includes 65,000 travel agents, 2500 franchised outlets and 1,600 distributors.

In addition, they offer incredible deals on hotel, bus, vacation and MICE packages as well as cheap flights. Expedia is another website that allows you to book airline tickets, car and cruise rentals, hotel reservations and vacation packages. This website has also been included among the 10 best travel sites in India. Expedia uses the most advanced technology to make hotel and flight reservations.

In addition, this online travel portal has been operating for more than two decades and is known for offering attractive deals for domestic and international flights, vacation packages and reservations for more than 71,000 exotic destinations. Oyo Rooms website is designed in such a way that its users can expect the highest level of amenities anywhere in the country when booking a room. It makes it easy for users to choose the best option without breaking the bank. It is one of the most popular and the 10 best travel websites in India.

EaseMyTrip is among the 10 best travel websites in India due to its unique USP which charges no convenience fees and provides customers with transparency about the price. In addition they offer incredible deals on hotel bus vacation and MICE packages as well as cheap flights. Goibibo is not only available as a website but also as a mobile application allowing it to reach customers all over the world. The platform is known for offering incredible deals on flights hotels and tour packages.

In addition Goibibo users can receive instant updates and notifications about the best travel deals available. Yatra is the first choice for travelers because of its timely services simple payment options and fast customer service. Akbar travels is a well-known online travel agency in India which currently has 57 branches approved by IATA and 40 branches not approved by IATA spread across the country. Customers can choose between several tours and travel packages on the platform as well as book flights trains and hotels through Akbar Travels in the shortest possible time.

All customers receive exclusive offers for Hajj and Umrah from Akbar Travels as well as personalized services for corporate sector such as tours and exclusive travel packages. Thomas Cook is another well-known name in India's online travel industry which has a global presence in more than 233 locations around the world. It offers various services such as plane ticket reservations domestic & international vacation packages hotel reservations etc not only for India but also for Gulf region which can be easily accessed through their mobile application or website.

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