Which Insurance Company Has the Highest Customer Satisfaction?

Find out which insurance companies have the highest customer satisfaction ratings according to WalletHub's analysis of factors such as J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings and NAIC complaint rate.

Which Insurance Company Has the Highest Customer Satisfaction?

When it comes to finding the best insurance company, there are many factors to consider. USAA is the top-rated insurer in our ratings, with the lowest rates in our study, exceeding the national average by 35%. However, when it comes to customer satisfaction, Geico is the clear winner according to WalletHub's analysis of factors such as J. D.

Power customer satisfaction ratings and the NAIC complaint rate. Geico is also one of the most affordable insurance companies. It's important to remember that customer service isn't everything when it comes to choosing an insurance provider. Affordable rates, coverage options, and available discounts are also important factors to consider. Together, these 10 companies hold more than 70% of the U.

S. auto insurance market share, so it should come as no surprise that they tend to be the best options for most types of drivers. The best car insurance for teenage and young drivers, drivers with points on their record, and drivers with bad credit can all be found among these top-rated insurers. For more information, check out WalletHub's guides on the best car insurance and the largest car insurers. When evaluating these companies, WalletHub's editors looked at customer satisfaction ratings and financial ratings, as well as average insurance premiums, discounts on various policies, and other factors. USAA is often classified as one of the top insurers but since they only offer coverage to military personnel, veterans and their families, they were not included in the rankings. Auto-Owners is known for its excellent claims management and wide variety of discounts.

Erie scored well in several areas and topped the rankings when it came to premium increases following a speeding ticket - meaning that if you're cited for speeding your premium shouldn't increase dramatically. State Farm received the highest scores from J. Power for customer satisfaction and A. M.

Best for financial strength. The company also received relatively few complaints, demonstrating great customer satisfaction. Northwestern Mutual also has few customer complaints and is renowned for its good customer service. Kaiser Permanente has high ratings across the board and is the only health insurer on this list with a perfect 5.0 from J. Power.

Humana is in second place with exceptionally high J. Power grades. State Farm scored highest in the multi-policy discount category while Auto-Owners ranked second in the new home discount category. While these rankings are a great starting point for seeking coverage, you shouldn't stop there if you want to get the best car insurance. The best car insurance companies offer their customers more than just coverage at a reasonable price - they also provide a customer-focused experience from quote to claim and include an easy way to manage policies and make seamless payments. Compare custom rates to see how much switching to a different insurer could save you. The following companies received 4.5 or 5 stars out of 5 in NerdWallet's analysis of the best U.

auto insurers: American Family, Auto-Owners, NJM, Nationwide, Amica Mutual, State Farm, Auto Club Group (AAA), Mapfre (Commerce Insurance).American Family offers a number of discounts to drivers in some states such as loyalty discounts for completing a defensive driving course or being a student away from school. Auto-Owners has an app that tracks your driving - good drivers can get a discount if they avoid hard braking and sharp turns as well as other safe behaviors. NJM offers all standard car coverages plus extras such as new car replacement coverage for cars with less than 15,000 miles and pet coverage which pays vet bills if they are injured in a covered car accident. You can also add temporary coverage insurance to help pay off your car loan if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. If you have to go through the claims process you may not even see an increase in your rates - customers who opt for certain upgrades can get “advantage points” for driving well renewing a policy or referring other drivers which can be used to maintain your current rate after an accident. Amica also offers free glass repair free lock replacement and free after-deployment airbag repair plus discounts for having multiple cars being a good student or being a member of certain professional groups. State Farm has a safe driving app that can work on your phone or through OnStar - you can get a discount by following the rules and driving wisely. Auto Club Group offers many auto insurance options such as rideshare insurance and coverage from original equipment manufacturers which pays for manufacturer's spare parts rather than aftermarket parts if you suffer a covered accident. Unlike some AAA insurers Auto Club Group has an app where you can manage both your car insurance policy and your AAA membership. Nationwide also offers pay-per-mile insurance which determines your rate based on how many miles you drive - you can also get a discount based on your driving behavior which is recorded through Nationwide's SmartRide app. You can get discounts for creating multiple policies being a good student or being a member of certain professional groups plus extras such as accident forgiveness or purchasing additional coverage packages for items like laptops or mobile phones (not available in all states).Based in Spain Mapfre's website is available in English and Spanish - you can also use Mapfre's app to manage your policy pay bills view documents submit claims or contact customer service.

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