The Best Adventure Vacations in the US for Adventure Seekers

Are you an adventure seeker looking for exciting tours in America? From Arizona's Grand Canyon to Maine's Atlantic Coast and Iceland's glaciers - there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration! Learn more about these amazing destinations.

The Best Adventure Vacations in the US for Adventure Seekers

Are you an adventure seeker looking for the best tours in America? From Arizona's Grand Canyon to Maine's Atlantic Coast, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for outdoor exploration. Whether you're looking to ski in Arizona Snowbowl, hike in Lake Tahoe, or kayak in the Florida Keys, there's something for everyone. For those who want to take it up a notch, try hang gliding in Tennessee or mountain biking in Moab. And don't forget about Iceland, one of the best countries in the world for adventure trips.

Since concern about COVID-19 is arousing greater interest in domestic travel and outdoor places, now is the time for advisors to suggest an adventure trip close to home. While Arizona is, with good reason, famous around the world for the Grand Canyon, the entire Northern Arizona region, from Flagstaff to the Utah border, offers a wide range of adventure opportunities. This area includes the trifecta of rafting, mule riding and hiking within the boundaries of the Grand Canyon National Park. You can even ski, yes, snow skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl resort outside Flagstaff, which is 11,500 feet away.

The region's high altitude (Flagstaff is 6,900 feet; the edge of the Grand Canyon at 8,300 feet) keeps temperatures colder all year round, and is ideal for hiking in the alpine forests surrounding Flagstaff in the fall. The Lake Tahoe area, on the border of California and Nevada, runs along 70 miles of coastline along the crystal blue waters of the Alpine Lake to the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The area is full of hiking and cycling trails, more than a dozen ski resorts, and a large number of surrounding lakes and reservoirs. Fall is a great time to hike trails through the best lush terrain in Tahoe, including around the aptly named Fallen Leaf Lake. The local Trout Creek Outfitters guide can help travelers hone their fishing skills on the Truckee River or Lake Tahoe. The dozens of small islands and atolls that make up the Florida Keys extend more than 100 miles to the Caribbean Sea and offer plenty of activities beyond sipping margaritas and watching sunsets.

With 3,500 miles of rugged, winding coastline and 2,000 offshore islands, Maine's Atlantic coast offers enough adventure opportunities to last a lifetime. And there's no better way to explore it than on a traditional sailboat like those in the Maine Windjammer Cruises fleet. Experienced boaters can rent their own sailboat, while newbies can rent a kayak for an hour or two to test the waters. The 375-mile Maine Island Trail offers a trail through guided tours or on your own to find aquatic adventures in 240 island and continental sites that are ideal for camping, fishing and exploring. One of Yellowstone National Park's many outstanding features are its gigantic waterfalls.

The park is home to five waterfalls that are more than 1000 feet high. During spring, when the mountain snow melts, the waterfalls are at full volume, so this is the perfect time to see them. Hike seven miles round trip to the Nevada Falls, a 594-foot-high waterfall on the Merced River, or take a three-mile round trip hike to Vernal Falls, a 317-foot-high waterfall on the Merced River just downstream. The waterfalls cascade over steep cliffs throughout the hike which is challenging but not tiring. The Flatirons rank high in Boulder Colorado.

From ground level to rugged peaks of mountains gentle cliffs run as smooth as bottom of an iron as name suggests. The Flatirons look like kind of cliff you could slide down (but please don't really try). Most people will travel busiest routes that cross Canyon. The Bright Angel Trail is favorite thanks to its panoramic views.

It winds 9.3 miles along trails that hug slopes of reddish cliffs of Canyon. But walking through Canyon will only show you small fraction of big picture. You can walk to top sitting at modest height 1 530 feet or you can drive on 3 5 mile road. If you choose walk you'll need add additional 1 5 miles to total distance get from parking area to trailhead. Hike takes about two hours each way so be sure keep that in mind get there time for sunrise. There are more than 250 different routes Hialita Canyon Mummy I II popular options those with less experience since level difficulty low slope not too steep For those who don't have any experience I imagine most us could benefit from one day beginner ice climbing course offered. If you have time energy there are more than 300 miles river you can paddle on When you get tired just stop banks rest or set up camp night Paddling days may sound more tiring than exciting but you won't be bored with ever changing landscapes found both sides river. Telluride has more than 2 000 acres skiable terrain Even most voracious skier would struggle cover all that single adventure excursion If you want ski vacation where you can explore new slopes every day Telluride your girl.

If on your wish list you had “flying 3 000 feet over Tennessee” glued nothing more than cloth sheet some walking sticks now's time check it off Tour operators area offer options both one off hang gliding trips suitable pilot classes It was pathetic joke from Hangs Solo. The mountain bike trails Moab second none One most popular bags with fun name “The Whole Enchilada” It's downhill trail maximum elevation around 11 000 feet Trail challenging previous mountain biking experience recommended If you want easier routes Dead Horse Point has lot different routes ranging beginner intermediate. Iceland one best countries world adventure trips with opportunities all kinds activities from hiking glaciers diving snorkeling But who said going adventure trip has cause your muscles scream while having fun? There are plenty options available no matter what kind traveler you are!.

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